A documentary by Rhiana Ehara and Kazuyoshi Ehara


When their two-year-old daughter, Chiyo, is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, Rhiana and Kaz Ehara’s world is turned upside-down.

From late night blood sugar checks to counting every single carbohydrate their daughter ingests, they live with the constant fear of missing a hypoglycemic episode that could take Chiyo away from them forever. Filmmakers themselves, Kaz and Rhiana decide to embrace their difficult circumstances through the familiar, by making a film. But it soon becomes clear that Kaz, a cinematographer by trade, is avoiding painful moments with Chiyo and Rhiana by taking refuge behind the camera, placing the entire burden on Rhiana’s shoulders. It’s a dynamic that can’t last. As the family rebels against the camera andhis marriage starts to break down, Kaz realizes he must put himself on the other side of the lens if he wants to be a real part of this family and their story. PRESS KIT >


RHIANA EHARA is a writer, documentary film director, and Creative Director at VerityCreative Inc., and a past recipient of a National Magazine Award. She studied International Relations and East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto. She is a proud mom, loves roller derby and travelling, and speaks Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, and some French and Spanish.

KAZ EHARA is a documentary director, an award-winning photographer, cinematographer, and Director of Photography at Verity Creative. He studied Journalism at Kansai University in Osaka, Japan, and graduated from the Photojournalism program at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario. Kaz is a past recipient of a National Magazine Award, and a Past Participant in the DOC Institute Breakthrough Program.

Together, Rhiana and Kaz were commissioned by the organizing body of the 2015Pan Am/Parapan Am Games to create nine documentary short films for the Games, each about a different Ontarian who had immigrated from another Pan Am country, and who works in Arts and Culture.

Sweet Dreams for Chiyo is their first television documentary, and they live in Hamilton, Ontario with their two fantastic kids. 

About Parabola Films

Founded in 2010 by Sarah Spring and Selin Murat, Parabola Films operates as a boutique film production company, producing high quality author-driven documentary projects for festivals, theatrical releases and television. Working CBC POV Docs, Documentary Channel, Société Radio-Canada, and internationally with Sundance and Eurimages among others, Parabola Films has released seven titles internationally in six years. Sweet Dreams for Chiyo is Parabola Films latest film.



Rhiana Ehara, Sarah Spring
Rhiana Ehara, Kazuyoshi Ehara
Sarah Spring, Selin Murat
Director of Photography
Kazuyoshi Ehara
Meiyen Chan
Original music
Marie-Hélène L. Delorme

Impact Producer
Katarina Soukup
Art Director
Sara Morley, Design Postimage
Screening Guide/Outreach
Kathy Sperberg
Charlene Coy, C2C Communications
Social Media
Agata De Santis, David Eng

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Available for free streaming in Canada via the CBC YouTube Channel.